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Another New Beginning


Well I’ve taken the jump to a whole new level. Besides blogging my life away here I’ve joined a networking site for weightloss and dieting. Today is my first day there and already have a great first day coming to a close. I weighed in, tracked my first food of the day, started a diet blog (but I’ll be here most of the time with everything including the weight loss), And got my first full mile in this afternoon. I’m proud of myself. Due to the road and weather I have to deal with right now I’ve got a video for walking indoors. Most in place but it’s got aerobics added to it with a variety of different types of steps. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but due to my lack of mobility in the past I’m extremely out of shape and even now 2 hours and 45 mins later I’m still feeling the burn. I will walk another mile tonight before bed. It only takes 15 to 18 mins so it’s pretty quick…we are talking fast paced walking not casual dog walking 😉 lol. Upon being weds the 16th tomorrow I need to cancel my appointment and reschedule therapy due to bad weather coming in. We have snow forcasted and my ride wont venture out if there is even a dusting on the roads. But that’s ok. I am doing good so not life and death that I go to the appointment this week.

I’m still sketching and will share some of the cool one’s I’ve done…mind you I’m a beginner and practice makes perfect so don’t laugh…but you can giggle because I did! I do not think I’ll be intermediate or advanced for quite sometime but I do exercises everyday and practice for most of the day everyday. My free-writing has taken a vacation for the time being. My brain turns to mush when I open the book and I’m not one to force myself to do something that is not in my heart or mind to do at that given moment. I did however spend 3 hours watching my favorite monday night shows. Continuum, Being Human and Lost Girl. I never miss episodes of the last two and Continuum is new this season. Tonight is Face Off. Wednesday is Ghost Hunters, Thursday is a free day, Friday is Ghost Adventures and Haven however because it’s the weekend I play catch up on the missed episodes during the week at odd times of the day. But most of the daylight hours consist of sketching, appointments and running errands when needed.

Well it’s time to sign off, grab dinner and go sketch a bit before it’s time to turn on the tube.




A Good Day


I decided if I was going to spend an entire day online I might as well do something educations, productive and fun all at the same time. I know amazing right? Well to be honest it’s something I’ve done before, pretty much my entire life (before I knew what computers were). And well I went Bing surfing. And I found a fantastic site by an artist who writes out free lessons on a website.. I know your shaking your head saying “Out with it”. So here I am with a sketch book, a ream of extra paper to practice, graphite pencils, erasers, charcoal and low and behold sandpaper block and holy freeholy blending sticks!!

Seriously if anyone could have told me this would make me higher than my meds would allow I would have done this years ago.


Did I tell you that is actually good for my nerves?! Who would have known? Okay so maybe sketching isn’t all I’m cracking it up to be but it is fun to learn, I spend hours sitting at my desk with sketchpad and eraser or I go out and turn the tube on and sit at the table sketching a flower vase or an orange rolled cockeyed on the table with a crinkled bag of chips..actually I am working on the vase and orange and I don’t think I’m ready for the details of a bag of stale potato chips. Never the less, I find when I need to calm down, relax or just get in a good frame of mind that the sketchbook and some well written explainations of some drawing exercises fit perfectly into my world. I’m also freewriting but we wont go there…I have two pages written in a month and am lost as to how to hold on to a pen and write (I got spoiled by the keyboard). I’m trying to give myself some space away from digi scrapping and tutorial writing before I lose interest in them altogether. Another product of my mental health. I start a hobby and….wait for it….wait for it. I lose interest after a month or two. The paint shop pro thing with digi scrapping has only been since August or September of 2012. The tutorial writing I’ve been doing since 2001 and variety has kept me going on that track for all these years. However I spend more time on facebook and in PSP than I do doing anything else. Even blogging comes a distant 3rd or 4th for consuming all my time. I have two other blogs on blogger. Strickly Scrap and tut stuff. Nothing as intimate as wordpress is proving to be. I actually love it here and find that I can ramble on and on without so much as a hesitating keystroke. I should have done this a loooong time ago. I admit I’ve been here before but didn’t stay because I couldn’t design my own layout unlike blogger. But WordPress has it’s advantages too! Prying eyes cannot find m here! I SO LOVE THAT IDEA!!

Before I turn in for the night (ermmm morning) I just wanted to say that I had the most excruciating meal tonight. No kidding I burned my mouth so bad I think I was sooo close to calling the fire dept to put out the fire going on in my mouth and throat. I get creative when I cook and wasn’t thinking very clearly when I opened a package of HOT sausage, chopped it up in bite size pieces. Chopped a Spanish Onion and sauteed them together. But I’m not finished yet.. Minced Garlic added to the pan with a touch of olive oil. Talk about a great taste…but it left blisters on my tongue. Will I ever make it and eat it again? Oh my YES!

Okay I’m exhausted and before I start becoming a total blithering idiot I’m heading to bed. (I say that like I wasn’t on a solo rant of endless banter).


Fantastic Food


It’s been a while but I went out and bought some fresh parsnips and we had them drowned in butter and fried with baked beans and bratwurst! I should have taken a picture but my mouth was watering so badly I forgot I had a camera let alone a laptop. I couldn’t help it parsnips made my brain mushy. I’m a vegetable lover since birth and there are things that you like and make you happy, they release a chemical in your brain and well… Vegetables get mine released and running like gerbils on a wheel! Some think it should be sugar and other things that are bad for you…but for me it’s vegetables and vanilla flavored Silk….I could spend all my money on just those two things and I think I’d be in paradise. I’ll be sure to get pictures posted of my future meals..among other daily things like the dogs, the weather, randomness from walks, rides and of course my mom’s where I act like I’m 12 again! So much to make me happy! So why you ask am I bi-polar? Alot of different things and as days go by and entries are written you’ll definately get some insight into what makes me crazy and not so crazy 😉




Wow it’s been since forever that I’ve been on WordPress. I forgot I can’t make my own layout without upgrading so you will have to bear with me and view this with a WordPress layout.

Just a bit about who you are going to get to know:

I’m 4o something and divorced twice. I have no children and I was born in the town I now live in. I grew up in a very small town just north of where I currently reside. South Eastern Vermont area is very beautiful and alot to see if you love weekend road trips! I am learning to sketch/draw and I free write to keep myself off the computer otherwise I’d be on it 24/7. I do alot of digi-scrapping and sell my items I make online. Mostly digital kits and I write and sell scripts to use in Paint Shop Pro to create items to put in kits. Templates are also fun to create, used much like the scripts only you just colorize the layers to suit your needs. I also write tag tutorials using Paint Shop Pro. I am currently using PSP9 and PSPX2 but also own PSP8, PSPX4 and PSPX5 Ultimate. I also have CS3 and CS6 but my CS6 crashed and I’ve not installed my old CS3 as of yet. Oh yeah and one other thing I love food. I love cooking it and I love eating it. Hence this little adventure will also include my adventure with better eating and getting some weight loss going…so definately be prepared for a multitude of variety in my posts.

I am very random and have a hard time staying on one topic for too long. You’ll either get bored of it and go elsewhere or you’ll ignore it or get used to it and keep reading. Either way I thank you for stopping in and spending at least a few moments!

So with all that being said I have a few things to get done today but will begin my regular postings either tonight or tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!