Fantastic Food


It’s been a while but I went out and bought some fresh parsnips and we had them drowned in butter and fried with baked beans and bratwurst! I should have taken a picture but my mouth was watering so badly I forgot I had a camera let alone a laptop. I couldn’t help it parsnips made my brain mushy. I’m a vegetable lover since birth and there are things that you like and make you happy, they release a chemical in your brain and well… Vegetables get mine released and running like gerbils on a wheel! Some think it should be sugar and other things that are bad for you…but for me it’s vegetables and vanilla flavored Silk….I could spend all my money on just those two things and I think I’d be in paradise. I’ll be sure to get pictures posted of my future meals..among other daily things like the dogs, the weather, randomness from walks, rides and of course my mom’s where I act like I’m 12 again! So much to make me happy! So why you ask am I bi-polar? Alot of different things and as days go by and entries are written you’ll definately get some insight into what makes me crazy and not so crazy 😉



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